New infiniti advanced 2X with high performance additives offers more mileage and power.

Going one step further, BHPetrol launched its latest premium petrol, the Infiniti Advanced 2X, at its Sg. Kayu Ara service station. The new and improved Infiniti Advanced 2X is the first petrol in the world formulated with the latest German additives that will restore the heart of any vehicle to peak performance.

This event was officially launched by Mr. KT Tan, Managing Director BHPetrol and Mr. James Khoo, Retail and Supply Director BHPetrol, which was witnessed by the Honorable Guests, Members of the Media and Staff of BHPetrol that were at this milestone event.

BHPetrol’s Managing Director, Mr. KT Tan said the new Infiniti Advanced 2X would offer unparalleled performance with its most up-to-date German additives formulated at twice the manufacturer’s recommended minimum treat. The new fuel leads in terms of cutting edge technology and is a high-end premium quality petrol.

In 2008, Infiniti – the double performance fuel was launched and in 2010, Infiniti was further improved with an advanced additive formulation. Now in 2012, BHPetrol has taken it to the next level with this launching of the new Infiniti Advanced 2X and for the first time, Malaysians will get to experience a new petrol of premium quality incorporating the latest high performance German additives.

Not all petrol are the same and that is the reason for BHPetrol’s strong commitment and passion to always bring consumers the best quality fuel.

Ordinary petrol leaves behind carbon deposits in the injector nozzle, intake valve and combustion chamber. These deposits accumulate and degrade engine performance, causing loss of power, mileage and drivability as the car ages.

The new Infiniti Advanced 2X has potent deposit cleaning agents that clean your engine and restores its power and mileage. It is also fortified with friction reducing agents for immediate and continuous mileage gain and double strength dosage for maximum impact.

BHPetrol’s Infiniti Advanced 2X has always been a popular fuel among Malaysians with its superior additives and technology. Try out the new premium fuel and feel the difference. What is even more astonishing is that BHPetrol is offering Malaysians a premium fuel that does wonders for their vehicle at no extra cost.